“Deeksha” – A profound name! So the name as they are. We enrolled our child here in the year 2012; almost during its inception. Our self & our Son always had a good experience and a personal relationship with the teachers. They are very caring; compassionate about the kids as well the parents concern. All the kids have their own talents & zeal which has been enhanced by the teachers and the management team. The kind of learning environment here relishes each kid to shape up their future & sharpen their character.

We enrolled our child at Deeksha High in the year 2012, almost during its inception. Our son loves the school. We cherish a great personal relationship with the teachers at Deeksha. They are very caring, easily approachable and empathetic. Every child has his/her own strength and zeal. This talent is identified and nurtured meticulously by the teachers and the management team. The school provides an ideal learning ground to shape up children with strong character and a bright future. Deeksha is a synonym for Academic Excellence!

Shubha Doulath

Parent of Eshaan Doulath, STD VIII

Deeksha as the name suggests, is the initiation of a child into the path of knowledge. Apart from academics, the school gives students training in sports, music, dance, drawing, storytelling and shloka chanting. The school needs to be commended for teaching the students to draw Rangolis, making flower arrangements, stitching and making artistic things out of waste. Students are encouraged to participate in many competitions within and outside the school which enhances their cognitive skills.

Democratic and secular values are imparted in the school. All the religious festivals are celebrated. Students are encouraged to interact with others from different backgrounds. They learn to respect teachers and elders. The students are taught to be bold and compassionate. My child is very happy at Deeksha.

Sugandhi Krishnan

Parent of Vani. S. Ramachandran, STD IX

At Deeksha High, every kid gets personal attention. The teachers make a sincere effort to strengthen the basic concepts and make learning a pleasurable experience. The school ensures the participation of every child in sports or cultural programs. Apart from knowledge, students are inculcated with human values. The Principal and teachers are always approachable.

Mr. Mahesh & Mrs. Roopa

Parent of Prateerth.M.Sharma,STD VIII