Art and Craft

Art is what artists do. Deeksha High has no pre-conceived notions about what art is and what it should be. Rather, the aim is to bring out an artist from each and every student. Deeksha firmly follows Aristotle’s saying, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” The first step towards effective communication begins with expression. Deeksha High believes that art will provide an impetus to each and every student’s ability to express him/herself.

Our Arts and Crafts are planned with age-appropriateness and academic support in mind. Kindergarten activities include
Hand movement – path finder, thumb painting, joining dots & making pictures, drawing & colouring by vegetable impression, craft by pencil scraps, ice-cream sticks that help the child learn art skills, colour recognition and patience.

Art and craft from class 1 upwards include paper folding work, pattern making, craft with paper plate, nature drawing, cartooning, stencil work, mask making, paint the pot, greeting cards, poster design, book marks, gift bag & envelope making, city scape, creative drawing,monuments, glass painting, different types of stitches, crochet,collage and best / wealth out of waste.